Monday, December 30, 2013

Time To Wrap Up

New Years Resolution #1: Get all caught up on my blog, again. I was doing really well until the week before Christmas and then it all just fell apart and the Holidays plus life got in the way.
On the Thursday before Tyler got out of School for Christmas Break Tyler's class went on a field trip to see Santa and Santa's Workshop where each Kindergarten student received 2 gifts from Santa. After the fun trip they returned to class for a fun Christmas Party. They were numerous treats and then they got to open up their 2 gifts from Santa, plus a book during the class book exchange.
Tyler had lots of special visitors during the party: Ghee, Poppy, GK, and even Daddy dropped in for a little bit. We had so much fun sharing in this fun time with Tyler and his classmates.
That week was also full for the PTO as we wanted to provide some Christmas cheer to all the staff members at Tyler's School. We had a meeting on Tuesday where we made cute and easy Teacher Happy Holiday gifts for their boxes and finalized all the plans for a Christmas Breakfast for staff members. The week before Christmas I made two Breakfast Casseroles, Banana Bread, and Monkey Bread. I was in the kitchen a lot that week, but thankful for the opportunity to do something special. 
It was a fun a full week that truly made me excited for Christmas and the break that it provides.   

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