Saturday, December 14, 2013

Soccer Party

We were supposed to play our last Soccer game today but the other team did not have enough players to play, so our Soccer season is officially over. Which I was kind thankful for because today was very windy and cold.
The team Soccer party was already scheduled for today, so that was perfect timing. We went to a very fun kid friendly restaurant that we will have to visit again. Georgia Kate cried when it was time to go. Both Tyler and GK had fun. I mean who wouldn't have fun. Cupcakes, Ice Cream, and Trophies!! Thank goodness one of the players was absent and GK could participate in the Trophy presentation.
We had such a fun fall Season with our new League in our new City. We were blessed to be apart of such a great Soccer organization. We had so many precious kiddos on our team and GK was really taken with one of the girls on Ty's team.... Callie and GK bonded at the first practice and they always loved practice and game day when they would get to be together.
Tyler really had a great season of growth! We are so proud of him for always trying his best and having fun.

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