Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Championship Game

Saturday was the Playoffs for our Basketball Season. We played two amazing games, but unfortunately the 2nd game (Championship Game) we lost in overtime by 4 points. It was so heartbreaking, but our team played their hardest and had such a positive attitude through it all.
 And of course the best part of wrapping up a Season is the Medal we were awarded after the Championship Game. I think Today was the first day that Tyler did not wear it... Georgia Kate finally got her chance to wear it. Tyler loved wearing his Jersey and Medal yesterday to School.
I never thought that I would be one of those 'loud" basketball/sports Mom, but those two playoff games brought out aside of me I have never seen... ;)
We were so thankful Poppy and Ghee came in late Friday afternoon to be here and ready for the big day. Tyler had a big and loud cheering section.
Win or Loose we had a fun Season. Way to go Bulls!!

 Of course you have to celebrate the end of a fun a successful season with playing at a park, pizza, and cupcakes! Gk's favorite kind of party! She did not stray far from the cupcakes and had he eye on them the whole time. She was relieved when the box was finally open and she could dig in.

Just in case you were wondering if Tyler was upset about not winning the big game... let me just say that we had not even left the building on Saturday, and Tyler was ready to go and start practicing for T-Ball! As long as there is another sport in the wing he is just fine. Bring on Spring and Baseball!!

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