Monday, February 17, 2014

Park Day

This past weekend was beautiful out. This is Texas weather that I simply adore. We really spent a lot of time outside over the weekend and it was perfect.
Yesterday we decided to go to our Elementary School playground. The thing I miss most about Temple is all all parks that were all so close to us. That is simply not the case where we live now.... In Brookshire the only parks/playgrounds are located at Schools. But, when you don't feel like traveling 15-20 minutes to the closest park in Katy, then a School playground works out just fine.
Today was supposed to be a School Holiday, but since we had to use a Bad Weather day in January today was a normal school day. I always enjoy long weekends, but Ty does have an early release on Friday. I just hope this weather sticks, because I love playing outside after school and even after dinner. I had such a fun evening with Tyler and Georgia Kate. We love the outdoors.

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