Wednesday, February 5, 2014

If These Walls Could Talk

I have had two days to prepare for this post and I still can't find the words. Monday was Closing Day for our House in Temple, which is a huge blessing since it has been empty since August. I know we both found it very frustrating that it sat so long, because we snatched it up as soon as it went on the market.
 Finally, in December we got two offers! The first offer ended up falling through as the couple walked away a few days later. We were completely devastated but not even a week later we got our second offer and everything just fell in to place perfectly. God's timing is always perfect and way better than ours.
This house was the perfect home for our family and it will always hold a very special place in my heart. We bought this home in May of 2009 in hopes of a growing family and boy did it ever grow. So much time, hard work, sweat, and love went in to making this the most wonderful and welcoming home. 
 Both Landry's and Georgia Kate's lives began in this house and even though we only brought Georgia Kate home, two nurseries were prepared with so much love. Many tears were shed in that house as we walked through one of the hardest journeys, but the hope, excitement, and joy that house brought is priceless.
Tyler celebrated several Birthdays in this home and countless hours of ball were played in that front yard and backyard. I look at that street and it reminds of Tyler learning to ride his bike... several scrapes and maybe some bruises occurred on that road, but the hours spent on walks up and down that street and around our block with neighbors, family, and friends is unforgettable.
We not only only loved that house, but we loved our neighborhood and we were so fortunate to end up on the street we did because we were surrounded by the most amazing and caring neighbors. I mean the Mayor of Temple lived a few houses down from us. We were in good hands all around.
 I will always miss our sweet neighbors and neighborhood. I'm so thankful for all the memories that were formed during our time on Shell Street. It was one of kind and I might always tear up when I think of that special home.
Our closing was a whirlwind day but I'm so thankful we decided to close in person and not electronically, because we were able to go to our house one last time while it was still ours and we were also able to meet the buyers which for me was the best part. I loved meeting the couple who fell in love with our home just as we did and they are so excited about it just as we were. The Wife gave me a hug and said thank you for selling our house. She might of done that since I teared up numerous times during the closing and visit.   Needless to say I'm thrilled that they were couple that bought it. I can't wait to drive by it every time we are back in Temple... not in a stalking way, I promise. ;)               

Above is Moving In Day
Below is Closing (this was taken from the car on our way out of town on Monday. The Buyer saw me through inside window and just waved.... I'm sure he thought I was nuts) I would call it Sentimental. 
Even though the selling of our Temple home is bittersweet it truly is a blessing for our family. I think it symbolizes the closing of a chapter. And with that chapter closed, for now I feel like we can finally move forward and focus on starting new roots in Brookshire. We are still renting for now and will continue to do so until we find something perfect that fits us. No matter how much I miss Temple I truly am thankful for this experience and opportunity. Let the exploring begin!

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