Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Looking Up

Psalm 62:8- Trust in him at all times, O People; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.
Tears still find there way to my eyes as I look at this beautiful picture that paints the most beautiful scene of finding hope just where you are.
I'm still in awe of  each of these women who are all broken but they chose to be courageous and step out of their comfort zone for a weekend of hope and healing. There are no words expect amazing.
 I'm broken but I have found refuge in God. Where would I be and what would my story be if I chose to walk away from God when Landry died? I simply can't imagine that road. Instead when my legs were weak and shaking, and when my arms literally ached; I cried out "I Believe".
 I am over come with JOY at how He has carried us over the years. How He is carrying and will carry these precious women. All we simply have to do is look up and we will gently be reminded that God is an anchor for our soul. He will not let go.
You must believe during the painful times that God loves you and is in perfect control of all things. So be encouraged and forge ahead through your troubles!

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