Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gavel Passed

 Allison, Me, Pam, and Christina
 Amber, Pam, Me, and Nikki
 Me and Pam. I showed Pam my logo after it was finalized and she immediately said she thought of Landry. I love it.
On Tuesday night at our Annual Dinner and Award ceremony the gavel was passed! I was very pleased with how everything turned out.
My theme for this League year is Rise Up. I had actually had my theme and song picked out for a while. I remember sitting with Ryan several weeks ago trying to find ideas for my logo, and we came upon the movie logo for "UP" and that was it. I loved the balloons and what they symbolize to my family. My goal is for our members to Rise Up and push our existing projects to new heights, and during that time we can Rise Up and through our actions leave a legacy on the lives of others.
I was trying to think how I could incorporate my theme with the placement cards and our evening to get members excited about their new placements and our year. That is when I decided that we could tie a balloon to the placement card and at the end of speech I asked members a simple question. "How are you going to Rise Up next year?" They were then asked to write it on the balloon and then we would go and release the balloons! LOVE, and I thought of that all by myself. :) Thanks to our amazing nominating and placement committee for all of their help, and getting there early to help me. I love our members.
The balloons represented how we will rise by lifting others. My close friends and family that know me and my story all had tears in their eyes when they saw my logo and heard my plan.... I only shared it with a few people before Tuesday because I wanted it to be a surprise. My sweet friend Christina, immediately put her arms around me after we released the balloons, and said I love everything about your theme. :)
 Thank you Ryan for all of your help and support during the past couple weeks and especially on Tuesday.... you will make a great President's husband. Ha!!
 Rise UP and let your heart be changed.

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Lisa said...

I love it! Super great idea for a theme