Saturday, May 12, 2012

Labor Of Love

The concrete for Landry's sidewalk was poured on Thursday. It really turned out so nice and it makes such a wonderful addition to the Baby Land area. I have gone back the past 2 days to check on it. LOVE.
We decided to put Tyler and Georgia Kate's hand and foot prints across from Landry's plot and I love it. The workers were so wonderful and very patient with us, because Ty immediately put his hand down as soon as it was poured, so they had to smooth it over. Of course when we got the right spot and it was time we had to do a few takes as well, sweet GK was not thrilled about the cold concrete, and Ty always looks like he has huge hands when he is done. :) Well, we did the best we could. Thankfully, Ghee and Poppy were there to help make it all run smoothly.
And of course it started to rain just just as they were finishing up so my Dad got tons of tarp and covered it up, he is always prepared. He stayed out their for a while just to make sure everything was ok. That thought just puts tears in my eyes, because it reminds of how my Dad sat with Landry all night in the NICU. Thank you, Poppy for loving Landry and your dedication to his sidewalk. Your labor of love means the world to me.  

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