Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day

 Taking a peak at Ghee's gift.

Mother's Day was extra special for me this year as we were able to dedicate Georgia Kate on Sunday Morning at our Church. My parents came and Tyler even went up with us as we presented Georgia Kate to our Church Family and God. It felt so amazing to be able to stand up this year. It was such a beautiful moment for our family. Daily we strive to raise our children in a loving Christian home, and to love God and be thankful for all that he provides with us.
My heart still longed for that other little boy who made me Mommy as well, but we did get to spend some time at Landry's grave site so that meant a lot to me. I am truly thankful for all three of our children.
After Church we went to my parents house for lunch and presents. We got Ghee birthstone charms of all 3 of her Grands, just what she wanted. I loved being able to include Landry in that gift. Ryan had my Blog turned into a book, well January-June 2008. Supposedly I write too much to get a whole year in book. :) I love it and I think Ryan is set for a while.. lucky!! What a special day.
This week has been non stop and I finally had some down time today which was so nice. I think the rest of May will be the same as this week, but busy is what we do best.

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