Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring and Summer

This Spring has been a little hectic for our family, and I think it is just the beginning of what is to come. I used to never be good at writing things down but the past few weeks have taught me that if I don't start writing things down that need to get done then I will forget and that is never good. I now have a spiral notebook that goes everywhere with me. I have missed writing detailed stories on my blog, but sometimes I just have to let pictures tell a story. My email inbox has doubled in the last couple of days, so I spend several more hours emailing, and my phone rings a lot more, too. However, I am ready for this new Season of life.
The other day I found myself reflecting on the past two years and I really started struggling. You see the struggle comes from the fact that this is first Spring and Summer in TWO years that I am not pregnant. Everyday when I look in my closet I see so many clothes that I forgot I had, it is like Christmas morning.....well until I try them one and they don't  look like they used to on me. Landry and Georgia Kate changed my body, but they are worth all the extra rolls! :)
 It stings a little that I only have one child to show off from my back to back pregnancies, but through those pregnancies and Season's I have seen the hand of God working in our life. Recounting his faithfulness removes the sting and replaces it with hope. I will always be thankful for the 2 precious children that became apart of our family in the past 2 years.
Now I better get off and tackle one of my greatest fears.... trying on my bathing suits that I have not worn in 2 years.... yikes! Do not be looking for pictures because they will not be on here.;)I got out of it last Saturday for a Swim Party we went to, but we are supposed to go swimming with friends tomorrow and I am sure Georgia Kate would like to actually get in the water this time instead of just looking cute in her suit and cover up. :) Too bad shorts and a t-shirt are not fashionable swim wear!

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