Sunday, July 29, 2012

5th Birthday!

 Birthday spankings and your how old?
 Tennis Pro
 Giving GK big hugs to say thank you, GK adores all of the attention he gives.
 Big 5 year old.
On Thursday our biggest turned 5!!! It is hard to believe that we have a 5 year old in our house. We celebrated in the Morning before Daddy went to work with a special Birthday breakfast, donuts. Ty also got to open up his presents!! If you remember from a earlier post we got Tyler the Lego City Fire station. It is still a big hit. Georgia Kate got him a tennis racket and tennis balls.... she loves trying to steal them. Little sister must have known that Ty has been wanting his own since he went to tennis camp this summer... what a good listener and shopper. After our fun morning of celebrating we headed to Ghee and Poppy's pool for lunch and swimming with a friend. That night Ty got to have sonic and spend the night with Ghee and Poppy. A great day if you ask Ty.

We our so proud our biggest and can't wait to see what this year hold for him. I know I will have a blast watching him.  

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Sarah Erwin said...

Happy 5th Birthday to your BIGGEST! :)

I also nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Jump over to my page to see what I am talking about :)