Monday, July 30, 2012

Sweet Summer Friends

Tyler had such a fun week last week, along with his Birthday on Thursday he got to have a special date with his Ghee on Wednesday (Movie and Lunch). My Mom's close friend Patti (her Daughter is a good childhood friend of mine as well) had her Grandson in town, and every time he comes in town Tyler and my Mom always get to do a lot of fun things together.
Therefore, on Ty's Birthday he wanted to have lunch with Ghee, Ryan, and Patti. At first me and Georgia Kate were not invited for swimming and lunch, but our sweet Birthday boy changed his mind. :) So special to see Tyler playing with Ryan. It brings back a lot of fun memories of me and Samantha growing up together. We also got to see Patti and Ryan on Friday, so we had 3 days full with them. What a fun surprise. Well, this week is going to be a little nuts with a weekend retreat/training for JL and Tyler Birthday party!! Yikes! I must get busy..... 

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