Sunday, July 22, 2012

9 Months

GK showing off her new tricks that Daddy just taught her. Where's your ear? Raise your hand!

Part of the absolute JOY that will carry us through this week.

Georgia Kate turned 9 months today and there is so stopping our girl. 8 months was a big month for exploring and I know that 9 months will be just as big and fun. We are absolutely in love with this 4 tooth wonder..... two on the bottom and two on the top, which is perfect for trying to eat real people food.. she is really digging "our food" and could care less about her "baby" food. GK can say Dada, Bye-Bye, Bubba, and when she is winning it sound like she is saying Momma. ;) I thank God daily for this precious gift that he gave us.
It is hard to believe what this week holds for our family. We are just 2 days away from remembering and Celebrating Landry's 2nd Birthday and just 4 days away from Tyler's 5th Birthday! This week is still very much bitter sweet for me, but I continue to praise God for his absolute faithfulness in our lives.

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