Wednesday, July 25, 2012

43 Balloons

43 balloons for our littlest. We did lose a few, but we started with 43.  :) Balloon releases played a huge part in our healing process during the first year, and it was also a special way that we could involve Tyler. Therefore, last night we held a very special balloon release to honor Landry on his 2nd Birthday. This was Georgia Kate's first balloon release to be a apart of so she thought all the balloons were really neat and tried to touch and take a bite out of them. We sang Happy Birthday to Landry, led by Tyler and also a prayer by Tyler and Daddy. At the end Georgia Kate said "Bye Bye" I don't know what is was but I broke down in tears.... I adore my children, all 3 of them. Ghee and Poppy joined us for our special family celebration and we ended with dinner and dessert.
Yesterday was simply a nice day with family, and focusing on Tyler and GK and doing fun stuff with them. I am sure you can guess what we did, swimming. I was also reminded, yesterday at how much of a impact Landry made on the lives of others. I received numerous texts and messages from sweet friends and family. And even a beautiful arrangement of flowers with stargazer Lillie's, my favorite. My sweet friends know me so well. :) We are so blessed with special people in our life that love and remember and Landry. 
Tomorrow we celebrate a big 5 year old boy!! What a special week to honor and celebrate two special boys in my life.

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