Sunday, July 1, 2012

8 Months

Our 8 month photo shoot took place tonight (offically turned 8 months on June 22), right before bed. Bad idea when you you have been gone all weekend and your schedule is all messed up... but she does look all fresh and clean. However, I knew that if I did not take them tonight then she would be 9th months and I realized I forgot. ;)
Georgia Kate is still the sweetest little girl and we love being able to watch her grow everyday. She is working on cutting her top two teeth, you can see the whites and you can tell they are about to cut through. Poor girl! I think we are getting close to crawling. She will do something that looks like a push up, and then she will get on her knees and rock.... Now we just have to move  the knees.....she has mastered the army crawl. ;) She is always wanting to try and push up, and over all just try new things.... I am loving this time with GK and she alsolutely melts my heart.
Like I mentioned before we were gone all weekend, so now I am working on catching up. We had a wonderful weekend with lots and family and friends. Now we are ready for a fun filled 4th with great friends.

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