Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Yesterday was the first day of Soccer Practice for the fall. Tyler is playing U6 this fall which means only boys, no more co-ed... to me that just means he is growing up too fast.
Ryan is his Coach, again and he really loves that. It is a whole new team this year, but we are very lucky and fortunate that we have 3 friends playing on our team this fall, the office still takes requests... love that. :)
Our first game is next Saturday, so we are all ready to fill our Saturday's with Soccer.
It broke my heart to miss his first practice, yesterday. We had New Member Orientation at the same time for the Junior League, so it was important that I was there. It's going to be hard this year, because Tuesday night is JL night and now soccer practices. I knew walking in to this League year that things were going to be different and more time consuming, but it is still so hard to miss these fun events with Ty.
 No matter what, it looks like I get to add another title to my name for the year, Soccer Mom... I will take it.

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