Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Time For Your Check-Up

On Thursday, Tyler and Georgia had their 5 year and 9/10 month well child check- up. Since both kids needed check -ups at the same time, I thought I would get them in together. Therefore, it took a little longer to get the appointment.... plus they are swamped during this back to school time with physicals. So Gk's was more like a 10 month check up.
I will always take them to get their check-ups together from no on, because Tyler was SO good. He told me he wanted to go first so he could show Georgia Kate how it was done. Ty and GK adore one another, it is precious to see both of their faces light up when they one another.

Here are their stats:
Tyler: 54 lb 9 oz- Height 48 inches (He is well above the 90th percentile and looks like a 6 or 7 year old).

Georgia Kate- 19 lb 1 oz- Height 28 inches (She is 90th for length and 50th for weight. Dr. Black said that she was actually underweight for her height, but that is ok... long and lean)

The appointment went really well and they even got the flu shot and mist while were there. Very nice to have that done. Thankfully, that was the only shot for GK. Beyond thankful for our healthy growing kiddo's!

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