Sunday, August 19, 2012

Life Is A Beach

Caution will eat Sand.
Georgia Kate is wearing my swimsuit, because my parents have pictures of me on the Beach at Galveston when I was the same age as GK. We tried to recreate on of our favorites, but GK was really not digging the beach at first.
Tyler and Poppy building a sandcastle.
Loved trying to catch some waves.

Ghee and Aunt Carol with Georgia Kate.

The following posts will be picture overload, but I can't help but take pictures everywhere I go. On Wednesday the kids and I left with Ghee and Poppy and headed to Galveston for a mini Beach Vacation. Of course it was too close to the start of School for Ryan to join us, he has had a busy Summer, and tomorrow his schedule will become a little more hectic.... and so it begins. 
 This was really our first time to sneak away for some fun in the sun. One of my Aunts joined us so it was a special family get away. We stayed at a beautiful condo that overlooked the pool and the beach, and the room the kids and I stayed in had a bunk bed, and Tyler of course called the top bunk.... overall this Condo had everything our biggest could ever want. ;) We will defiantly be going back there again next year.
Tyler loved the beach and we spent two Mornings there. My Aunt got him Goggles with a Snorkel, that he said he has been wanting his whole life, they were a huge hit at the beach and pool. He also got a boogie board that he said was really awesome. Georgia Kate took a while to warm up to the beach, but once she did warm up to it, she loved eating the sand.
We certainly made some special memories at the Beach this Summer, and I really enjoyed the time away. I hardly checked my email, and did not do anything JL involved while I was gone...I checked out for a few days, and it felt great. More beach memories coming soon, everyday I would send Ryan tons of picture texts and he finally asked me how I was going to download all these pictures on to my blog... one memory/story at a time.  

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