Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Day Of School

Question of  the day "Did you attend Open House". yes or no. Putting his name by the yes side. So grown up

Mrs. Keever. We are so excited to have her this year. I am still learning the ropes with my phone camera, so not sure about the big smudge is, probably my hand. ;) I think I need to remember my camera, again.

There was also another girl missing Ty today, too! His biggest fan, Georgia Kate.

Today was the first day of Junior Kindergarten for Tyler. He was up early and excited to go, and he barely said good bye to us when we dropped him off... I am not sure if I should smile or be sad about that. ;) It was treat that Daddy got to come this Morning. His students don't start until Monday and well I had to take my car in this Morning, so after drop off we took my car and then GK and I took Ryan work so we could have a car today.
Ty asked for Ghee to come with me to pick him up, so he was thrilled with that and to celebrate a great first day we ended with lunch of his choice, Sonic. :) My prayer is that this is a wonderful and growing year for Tyler. It is really going all too fast... honestly I teared up posting these pictures. One more year to Kindergarten, I am not sure I am ready for all this.....
The only thing different about this year for Tyler is he will go everyday, so I hope he is ready (and well me) for that adjustment. We are so proud of you, Tyler Justin!

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