Thursday, August 9, 2012

Proud Owner

Still very proud of his Lego masterpiece. However, Ryan has had to re build several times already.... therefore, I think Ryan has become very proud of this masterpiece as well. He also added to his collection at his Birthday party. His favorite was getting a Target gift card and being able to pick out his own gift.... I think we spent close to a hour in Target yesterday evening trying to find the perfect Lego set.
We have really had a laid back week which has been really nice considering the weeks we have had, and with school only a couple of weeks away I will take this very special down time with Ty and GK. We have been able to swim with friends, and I even got to take Ty on a $1.00 movie date yesterday morning.... he is a cheap date. ;) 
Thank goodness I have one more year to prepare my self for kindergarten. ;) We have decided that with Tyler having a late summer birthday and being a boy, that we will wait one more year. He will be doing a JR. Kindergarten class. He will go to school everyday, but just in the morning like normal. Seriously, I am having a hard time grasping him being in school everyday! Tyler is so ready, and would stay all day if I let him. ;)  He really wants to bring his lunch and eat with the big kids. We had to run to his school last week, and when I pulled up front he said "Mommy, I want to be dropped off at the gym". I had the break the news to him that we were only going to be there for a few minutes... yes, he is ready to go back.

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