Sunday, August 5, 2012

5th Birthday Party

 Tyler and Luke ready to blow our their candles and make a big wish.

Finally!! The day Ty has been waiting for, for a very LONG time was finally here. His 5th Birthday Party. I decided a long time ago that I really like simple and easy parties, and this year was double the fun because we did a joint party with Tyler's friend, Luke. Their Birthday's are a few weeks apart so we thought why not celebrate together. It really helped me out a lot this year that I had Jen's help since my Board Retreat was this weekend as well... you are the best Sustainer Advisor and friend around. :) Thank you!!
We had the party at the Wildflower Country Club (Ghee and Poppy's pool) as Ty still calls it. We swam, dived, and had cupcakes with some of our favorite friends. Nana, Papa, Ghee, and Poppy were even there so it was extra special for our 5 year old! A absolute great Sunday with friends and family. Georgia Kate even loves a party, well at least the balloons. We love you, Tyler and have had a blast celebrating you this year.

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