Monday, September 17, 2012

New Arrival

Our close friends, welcomed their second blessing, last Monday. Wyatt Austin is absolutely beautiful and his Big Sister, Madison is so in love. I just had to go meet him on Tuesday Morning. I brought Starbucks and breakfast tacos... anything to get my arms around this little boy.
Wyatt was the first baby boy that I have held since, Landry. It felt perfect and brought me absolute joy to hold such a tiny boy... absolute precious gift from God. I am not sure if GK liked me holding him, but she will learn to love him soon enough.
On Sunday, we brought dinner over to the Vaught's for another peak... Tyler has been so ready to meet Wyatt, too. I am trying to think of another excuse to get over there, soon... I can clean! :)
 Ryan and Mark lived together for several years in College and out, so it is so special to now watch their kids develop a special friendship and bond. We love you, Vaught's!

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Lauren said...

I love this :) Come over anytime to love on Wyatt :)!