Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's That Time

 Football and Dove hunting... Well, this is Ryan's favorite season. I also think Georgia Kate is a fan of this season (excuse her arms.. she was clapping), well as long as there is a tutu! Ghee could not resist getting this Baylor outfit for her as she helps cheer on Poppy's Alma Mater.
 Ryan is at a ACU game today, so I am sure she will get something from there as well, so she can cheer on the Wildcats with her Daddy. I guess I better get her some UMHB gear as well... I think you would call this a house divided! :)


lvaught said...

OH Holly this is the cutest and sweetest picture!!!

Ryan said...

Why is your Dad always lounging around in his underwear? Reminds me of meeting him for the first time.