Sunday, September 16, 2012


Who says you can't take on one more practice/lesson during the week? Well, according to Tyler it is good to play a little of everything. So, why not add tennis lessons to the mix?!?! As of  last Wednesday we have a tennis player on our hands. They were offering 30 minute tennis lessons at the Country Club/ Ghee and Poppy's pool so we got Ty signed up. He really had fun and did well, he just has to learn to hit the ball gently, he hit the ball every time but they went over the fence.... I am no tennis pro but I think the ball is just supposed to go over the net, not both the net and fence. :) I think he finally got the hang of it and realized hitting a tennis racket is not like hitting a baseball bat.
I am so proud of Ty and how he will give anything a try. Soccer and Tennis are a good fall Fall combo in my book.  

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