Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sick Day

Well, something that hardly ever happens... thank goodness, happened this week. I got sick. Wednesday and today have just been very lazy and low energy days (my body is just achy). Plus, I have a cold... I would like to thank Tyler and Georgia Kate for that. :)
By this evening I actually started feeling a little more like myself.. yay! It is really hard to be sick when you don't get any sick days, well at least my job is worth it.
So I am behind.... I will start with Volleyball. You can tell that fall is in full swing around our house because Daddy is gone a lot more due to Volleyball and Football, so Monday GK went to her first game. It did not last long but at least we made an appearance.
Let's just hope this little sickness leaves our house, because we have a full couple of weeks and weekends ahead.

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