Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A New Sport

Coach Steele and his little side kick.

Basketball Ball drills

Georgia Kate ran all over the court. I was constantly running after her. She just wants to be with Big Brother. 

Well, we have tried Soccer and Tennis (tennis lessons are still going on) so we thought we would give Basketball a shot. Ty is playing through Westphalia, with Ryan's 5 and 6 year old boys. Ryan is the Coach, of course. The nice thing is all the games are in Temple through a youth center.
The first practice was last Thursday, but I basically had to drop Ty and GK off and head to a Christmas party the league was hosting. So, on Monday we headed to our 2nd practice. I am still in shock that Ty was playing through a double ear infection. Games are just during the month of January, so that is not too bad. Ty seems to enjoy it, so far. Anything with a ball, is right up his alley.

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