Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Visitor

 Our Sweet Elf's, Francesco and Cici.
 Enjoying a snack of Milk and Cookies
 Playing a little Wii
 Tyler had a bad day last Monday, so this was just a sweet reminder. I had to stop Ryan and Tyler several times from eating the letters...
 It is hard work flying back and fourth to the North Pole. Trying to stay in shape while lifting weights and doing some planks. Looks like my Body Pump class.
 Calling room service during a Hotel visit over the weekend.
 Flying a kite in the house is never a good idea...
Francesco and Cici came down with a little cold while flying back from the North Pole, so Medicine and Hot Chocolate with marsh mellows helps everything.
We have had two visitors in our house this month. Our Elf, Francesco returned and he brought with him his little Elf Sister, Cici. Tyler wrote a letter to Francesco this year (well I wrote what he told me to write and he signed his name) asking if he could bring a elf for Georgia Kate, and Ty named her Cici. Our Elf's have had some fun this year, I think they must spend a lot of time on Pinterest as well. :)

Once again, behind. I think things should slow down soon.... I hope. I have so many pictures and memories to share.

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Lisa said...

That is a good idea to get another elf....Sierra wants a girl one but I don't want to spend $30 more on one! Love the name he picked - we call Sierra "CC" all the time!!