Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wedding Memories

At the Rehearsal Dinner. So hard to get a good picture. I adore these matching cuties.

Over the weekend we celebrated the marriage of my Cousin, Lacie and her new Husband Kyle. Lacie and Kyle dated for several years so we are beyond thrilled for them. It was a such a beautiful and fun wedding and we loved being apart of it. Of course, it was a busy weekend with lots going on. Saturday and Sunday was also the Crossfit DSP event, Wadapalooza. Ryan, and of course Landry's Legacy were a big part of that event and they were able to raise an amazing amount of money in memory and honor of our littlest. I will share more wants we get all the details worked out. So excited. Ryan even spoke on Saturday, and it broke my heart to miss it, but thankfully someone recorded it for me. I love you, Ryan for staying and honoring our littlest. Meanwhile, the kids and I headed to Richardson on Friday with my Parents. I think TY was more excited about the Hotel, but he had a blast at the Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding. Both kids did really well at the Rehearsal on Friday, considering it started at 8 pm. That is usually past or right at bedtime..... so proud of them and the sweet waitress who kelp giving GK suckers, that girl loves a sucker. Saturday we had some free time before the wedding, and Ryan even made it for the wedding and some of the Reception. It was a fast trip for Ryan, but he wanted to be there for Lacie and Kyle. This wedding was actually the first for Tyler and Georgia Kate. They both loved the music and the dance floor. The best part was the photo booth. So much fun. I think Ty snuck in there 6 times with a different costume/prop. :) We of course did not last the whole reception, but we loved every minute of it. We headed home early on Sunday so we could join Daddy at Wadapalooza. Such a fun filled weekend.   

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