Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Program

Ty's school put on their Christmas programs last night and it was a very last minute decision if Ty would be able to go. Late Sunday evening Ty woke up complaining about his ear hurting, and felt a little warm, but no fever. We gave him some medicine and he went back to sleep. We felt he should stay home on Monday, so he did, but seemed great all day and did not really say too much about his ear. He woke up again really early on Tuesday crying about his ear, but still no fever. Gave Ty more medicine and called to get him in to the Doctor. I love our doctor, GK had a 10:45 apt for her 12 month shots... a little late. I was able to get them in together. Ty did his check up first, and sure enough double ear infection. She said he must have a really high pain tolerance, because it was the worst she had seen in a while. OUCH!! The doctor did say that fevers are really not apart of ear infections the older you get, good to know. Ty has not had a ear ache since he was 2. I asked about his performance and she said that since he was not contagious he could go if he felt like it. Well, Ty wanted to go perform and he did great. Ty's class were angles and his costume was very last minute and a little (a lot) rushed getting it together, but non the less he looked great.
It was such a fun evening. We had Ghee and Poppy, and Ty was so excited that Amma came to watch him perform. She loved every minute of it. We also had a surprise from Daddy. Ryan's school had their Christmas program the same night, but he found someone to cover for him. Plus, he watched his students perform twice yesterday afternoon. Such a wonderful surprise! Thank you, Ryan. There was also a Junior League New Member event, that I had to miss. First event to miss all year, I felt horrible. December is a hard month. After the performance we headed out to Dinner to celebrate our star, Angel.     

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