Friday, November 29, 2013

Math Night

Nothing like Holiday and a full week off from School to throw a routine out the window. However, a change in routine is sometimes nice. 
Tyler's school hosted a Math night last Thursday and we had so much going from station to station exploring  and trying our hand at all sorts of fun different math concepts. I never thought I would put fun and math in the same sentence but the teachers really did a great job capturing all in attendance. Such a fun night with a our biggest. I think we have a future mathematician on our hands.   

Last Friday after school and work we hit the road to Fort Worth to be reunited with Georgia Kate and spend a few days with Ryan's family. We arrived past Gk's bedtime so we had to wait until Saturday morning to give our girl hugs and kisses. She was so excited when I got her out of bed on Saturday morning, but Tyler was right there waiting for her.... those two were so excited to be reunited. We had some fun full days with Ryan's family. We hit the road back home on Tuesday and Ghee and Poppy arrived on Wednesday to be here to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. We are so thankful for this full week off and all of our time with family.

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