Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Doctor, Doctor

The Building where Ryan's  Doctorate Journey began. This building will always hold a special place in Ryan's heart.

Ryan's Defense Room.


The first official picture: Introducing Dr. Ryan Steele. Ryan kept saying no to this but I had to have a "first" picture for the blog.

He did it, He did it!!! Yesterday afternoon Ryan passed is Doctorate Dissertation. There are still a few revisions to be made, but that is typical. That just means we still have a few more late nights, but I know he his ready to get them knocked out. I am just so proud of Ryan and this huge accomplishment, and I can't begin to tell you just how great it was being there and being the first to hear this amazing news.
Ryan took the whole day off of work, which was nice so we did not have to rush and he was able to take Tyler to school. We left a little before 10 and made it to College Station around 11. It gave Ryan plenty of time to get the room and his power point all set.
 Ryan asked me to do one favor him.... go and get him a water from the vending machine. Well, I press the button and out comes a Diet Mountain Dew. What?!?! He does not even like that stuff... I guess you can see who the nervous one was. ;)
 Shortly after 12:30 I left the room. I walked around the campus and found several nice benches to sit on. Time really went fast. Around 2:30 I get a text from Ryan asking me where I am ( I was on bench right outside the building he was in) and to come up. They had sent Ryan outside after he presented to discuss rather they would pass him, or not. When I saw Ryan he looked very calm and greeted me with a smile. It did not take long to call him back in, but the waiting to hear the door open again, took forever... ok, it was 5-10 minutes but to me it seemed like hours. ;)
Finally, Ryan called for me to come to the room after his Professor Panel left. Two in person and 2 via Conference Call. This is what Ryan first said when I walked in "They shook my hand and said congrats Dr."
I love you, Ryan. I am still beaming with pride for you and this amazing accomplishment. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this journey and experience with you. Some of it was tough and long, but you handled it all with so much grace and strength. You are simply the best at all you do.   

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