Thursday, May 30, 2013

Last Day Of School

The Four Amigos. These boys have been in the same class since they were three and this year they formed a special bond and loved being around each other, well most days.  
Tyler received the Happy Helper award in class today.

Well, I would like to blame my absence on Memorial Day Weekend, Fleas, Stomach Bug, Fleas, End of School Activities, and did I mention FLEAS! Fleas, have struck our house and poor Dog for the second time since we have lived in our current house. Our house and Cooper were both treated yesterday, but I can still feel and see them everywhere. Washing and Vacuuming daily some times twice. I just want them gone.
Today was Tyler's last day of school and we ended with a fun Party. This was the first party that GK did not destroy anything. Maybe it was because she got to sit with some of her favorite big girls and have pizza and a pink cupcake.
It is hard to believe another year is over and that this was Ty's last day at Christ Church School. We have been there for 3 year and I have been so thankful for such a wonderful and nurturing environment and most importantly that Ty loved it and it was a positive experience for him. Now he is off to bigger and better things in Kindergarten. Well, I still need to prepare my heart for that one. ;) I might have shed a few tears today..... and I might be crying now. What better way to kick start Ty's summer than a fun afternoon of swimming. Ryan still has another week, so we will celebrate his last day soon... well, last day with students and teachers. He still works almost all summer.

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