Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Soccer Season

Saturday marked our last Soccer game of the Season. We had such a fun Spring playing soccer  and as always it is fun to see the growth that occurs during the Season.
Of course the best part of playing a sport is a fun party and a trophy. We had our end of the year party right after Ty's game on Saturday at CiCi's pizza. It was actually nice doing it that way since our week has been a little full. Tyler was so excited when Ryan handed him his trophy, and you should see his collection. ;)  He is very proud of all of his trophy's.
Slowly wrapping things up for the year. We still have a few baseball games left but it will be over very soon, as well. It is nice just having to focus on one sport right now, instead of two. I will blink and school will be out. May is already flying by and it is a full month for us. I am kind of getting excited about Summer.

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