Wednesday, May 1, 2013

School Lunch

I always love days when our routine changes, a little. Well, today was one of those days for us and it started when Ryan forgot something that he needed before the end of the school day. Ryan suggested that we come for one of the lunch periods at 11:05. Therefore, I packed a lunch for the kids and I got to pick up Tyler a hour early and he and Georgia Kate were thrilled about seeing their Daddy during the middle of the day. He worked late last night, so both kids were asleep when he got home. This was for sure a special and needed treat.
Tyler and Georgia loved eating lunch in Daddy's cafeteria and it got Tyler excited about next year. After lunch that got to go and join the kids on the playground for recess. The best part is we were on the road home by 12, just in time for GK's nap. I guess I should have rephrased, I  love routine changes that don't mess up our nap time routine. ;)

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