Friday, May 24, 2013

Annual Dinner

On May 7th, JLBC held our Annual Dinner/last event of the year at The Oscar Store. It was such a wonderful and fun location to celebrate a great year. My awesome Arrangements Committee went above and beyond this year to make all of our meetings one of a kind, and Annual Dinner was no exception. I appreciated all of their special touches. Annual Dinner is always a time to reflect on our hear and honor some outstanding members and Community Members that helped make our year possible. So thankful to have had the opportunity to serve this great league this year.
My favorite touches were the cupcakes they formed into a bouquet of balloons. I love how my league knows the importance of balloons to me and my family. Blessed. They also did a "giving tree" and have members write down their favorite memory/experience from this year. I will cherish these special cards and they will also hold a special place in my heart.  

This year our Kids In The Kitchen Program recieved a $3.000 grant from Scott & White. Were were so thankful for this huge gift

My Amazing Board. So thankful for each of them. I love them so much.

Receiving the Presidents Award from Amber Houmes. 2013-2014 President. There might have been a few tears that night. ;)

Love and cherish the friendships that were formed all because of JLBC.
Annual Dinner is also passing of the gavel. I attached my final speech as President. Some days were really hard and I felt like like throwing in the towel but I am so thankful I stuck it, because what a reward it is at Annual Dinner to see and hear all of the amazing Volunteers and Opportunities that arose this year. It is all worth it.

The end of a league year brings the expected joy of finishing another successful year, and perhaps some sadness leaving behind a year filled with great volunteer experiences and amazing women to volunteer with. I think I can honestly say wrapping up this year is a bittersweet time for me. What a rewarding and challenging journey it has been, but one that I am so thankful and blessed that I was able to travel on. I still remember the day back in October of 2010 when Nominating and Placement asked me to serve as President for the 2012-2013 year. Our family had just been through a devastating heartbreak a few months before but the absolute joy that those words filled me with gave me hope that good is coming. And, it has. My family has been abundantly blessed by the hearts and actions of our amazing volunteers, I am beyond thankful that I was able to give back to this amazing league this year and years to come.  

At the beginning of the year I challenged each of you to Rise UP. That challenged was accepted and you and our amazing In League and Community Projects soared to new heights just like the balloons that we released last May, at Annual Dinner to represent how you were going to Rise Up this year. Thank you, Thank you. I hope that your heart has been changed for the better just as mine has been by you and the amazing community members that I had the opportunity to meet through all of our rewarding Community Projects.  

We embarked on our 2nd year with Project S.M.I.L.E. and held monthly events at the McLane Children’s Hospital, hosted our 2nd annual Cowboys and Caviar In League Fundraiser event at Cathedral Oaks, the Second Hand Rose Celebrated 25 years of service, Project Prom impacted and reached 25 deserving young ladies form area High Schools, we hosted our 5th annual Kids In The Kitchen in partnership with the Scott & White St. Paddy’s Day race , and we welcomed 12 new members to the JLBC this 2012-2013 league year. Whew…. No wonder fatigue and exhaustion has set in for me. JLBC truly has Volunteers with huge hearts that love making an impact in our community and the lives of those we serve. But we are not done making a difference, because there are still amazing opportunities ahead for us next year and several years to come, so I encourage each of you to continue to serve and give of your hearts and time to JLBC, we truly are doing the most good.  


I believe that we rise by lifting others. Each of your hearts have brought me great joy this year. As I look back upon this journey there will be so many moments that stand out, moments made possible by each of your giving hearts and open arms. Life is precious so Rise Up and through your actions leave a legacy on the lives of others



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Jim Vaughn said...

Just remember we were the first to love you! We are so proud and happy for you and this special accomplishment.