Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Girls Weekend

The end of school also marked a fun girls weekend was right around the corner. I hosted three of my childhood friends.... I am still shocked that they wanted to come to Brookshire for a girls weekend. But, I was the perfect meeting spot as one was coming from New Orleans and two from Temple. We truly had a fun low key weekend. It was just what my heart was needing. We spent a lot of time soaking up the sun and when not in the sun you would find us watching movies in our pj's. A lot of talk and laughter filled our hours together.
So thankful for these beautiful friends. Their visit was just what my heat was in need of. I love each of these beautiful women and I have so may precious memories with each of them that I will always hold close to my heart. These are the ones that do hard with me, and good with me. I love you: Rebekah, Lindsay, and Heather.
Some days my heart longs for home and the gift of "old" friendships. I am slowly forming new friendships here, which has been an absolute blessing. However, I will admit that lonely feeling still surrounds me at times. I have learned that friendships play such a huge a role in your life, they help form you in a beautiful and encouraging way. In my life right now 'new' friends are something that my heart cries for, but I will be forever thankful for "old" friends who have walked all sorts of roads with me and will forever be by my side.

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