Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hope Groups

May also marked the end of the Hope Group I had the privilege of leading for 8 weeks. Our last week fell  at the same time as Mother's Day, so I held a balloon release for the six strong and courageous women that have touched my heart in a beautiful and inspiring way, and their precious babies in Heaven. Releasing balloons is always something that makes my heart soar with peace and comfort. I will never grow weary of sending brightly colored balloons up to Heaven.
Those 8 weeks as a Hope Group leader refreshed my soul in such an amazing way. There is so much glory unfolding through Hope Mommies. Stories are unfolding in a heartbreaking but beautiful and inspiring way.
Sharing our precious Landry and his life with others brings me complete joy. Landry has shaped and molded my heart in such a gentle way, and it is my desire to bring hope and comfort to those who have empty arms and broken hearts.
God overwhelmed my heart and soul with such beauty and grace in the course of 8 weeks. When you surrender it all and press firmly in to God, He will renew your soul in such a peaceful and refreshing way.

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