Tuesday, June 17, 2014

That's What Big Girls Do

On top of moving and wrapping up a school year, Gk thought she wanted to start potty training. I will say that compared to Tyler, Georgia Kate has been a walk in the park. I think the key is start when they are ready.
Georgia Kate was with out a diaper one morning and she told me she needed another diaper on so she could go potty.... that was my cue to pull out the Dora potty! I made a sticker reward chart that worked wonders for our little sticker lover. When the chart was full GK got a prize. She asked for a real pony, but thankfully she settled for My Little Pony. Our big girl is so proud of herself and I love how excited she gets when she has to go.
 The first time she went poo poo on the potty she looked at me and said "That's what big girls do"!!
I will admit the past few weeks have been a little bitter sweet for me. This new house has turned our baby in to a little/big girl. No more crib and no more diapers!

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