Sunday, June 22, 2014

Special Delivery

On the last day of school Tyler and Georgia Kate each got some special mail from my Cousin, Claire. They each opened their box and they were filled with ring pops... they could have stopped with that, but there was also a note for them to read. Tyler and Georgia Kate both said yes to this special request. 
In November Tyler and Georgia Kate will be in their first wedding. This is extra special as we were a apart of the engagement between Claire and Marshall. This special delivery came as a surprise to me, as well. Super excited for Claire and what a joy it is to experience  and be a part of this special time in her life. 
What a beautiful wedding it will be, and what a honor it will be to be a part of it.
 I think Georgia Kate got a little spoiled by all the ring pops, because every time she goes and gets the mail with me she always asks if there is suckers in there. Such sweet memories ahead as we prepare our Ring Bearer and Flowergirl for a big day.

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