Thursday, June 28, 2012


 Our Biggest all ready to hit the water.

 High Fives.
 Practicing Diving.

 Getting ready to jump and swimming after his jump. No more floaty!!
 Blurry... but my only action shot. Ty loves jumping off diving baords.... he could do it all day.
We wrapped up another Succesful season of Swim Lessons at UMHB. Once again Ty showed great improvement and as always we can't get him out of the water. I am so proud of our biggest! We had a great 2 weeks with friends and wonderful swim coaches whom Ty adored. I guess next year I will be in the water with Georgia Kate as she starts her swimming lessons at UMHB... we have to carry on the traditon. I will say Georgia Kate was such a trooper during lessons, that were during her nap time. Today when we got to stay in the pool area and watch, GK kept flapping her arms up and down every time she would see Ty.
No we have some down time this summer... well, I have a feeling we will find something to do.  

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