Tuesday, February 26, 2013

End Of A Season

 I think GK is feeling better. Pizza and a sucker... she actually stole the pizza from Tyler. Most importantly she believes in cleaning up after making mess, a girl after my own heart. Also, she makes a great helper.
Yesterday afternoon we celebrated the end of a successful Basketball season with a party and trophy's. Ty had such a wonderful first season of basketball and I am sure we will try again next year. It is hard to believe that Ty will actually be a student at Westphalia next year, did I just type that. Wow, where is time going?!?!?
Of course Georgia Kate had to get in on all the action, as well. Yes, our little girl is back. So thankful she is feeling better.
Well, of course there is no rest in between sports for us, because we believe in moving straight from one event to another. Soccer starts on Thursday and Saturday morning we got Ty all registered for t-ball. Two sports at one time... I am sure we are nuts for doing this but we will make it work, I hope.

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