Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day- The Whole Story

I can't believe that these were the only pictures I took on Valentine's day. But, our little Valentine's were not in a sweet or thankful mood.
It all started at Ty's Valentine's party at School. I offered to help sine their was only one other Mom that could help, but she could only do set up due to older daughters party at a different school. She is one of my close friends so I forgive her. ;) Well, you have to watch Georgia Kate like a hawk or she will be in to everything, and sure enough she touched everything she could find. She wanted every ones food, drink, and candy. GK even had her own plate next to Ty. She also ran everywhere in the building, ran in to two other class parties... my favorite is when she ran in to the Kindergarten class that was taking a test, girl opened up the door. What finally did me in was when Ty was sitting down to look at a book, GK sat down next to him and ripped some of the pages out. What??!! She has never done that at home and she loves to look at books. Yes, I immediately ordered a new one when we got home. Of course, it belonged to the Library at the School. I am sure Ty's teacher is going to make sure that I don't help with another class party for the rest of the year. There goes my room Mom, title. ;)
I thought Ty knew what it meant to be tankful for what you get but we had to re teach it to him yesterday. Ghee and Poppy came over and brought the kids a Valentines gift. It was cute little tooth fairy pillows. You may ask why??? Ty has his FIRST loose tooth. He went to the dentist on Wednesday and sure enough his dentist spotted one. Well, the pillow was not what he wanted and he let them know in a all out fit that he did not like it. Humiliating parent moment. Time out and spankings. When Ryan came home that evening we showed him what we got him for Valentine's (Lego Set). He was so excited, but we told him that he was going to have to return to the store since he was not thankful earlier in the day. So Valentine's evening was spent returning Ty's gift to Target. Well, we did go and eat at Taco Cabana in a hurry. ;) Ryan had to coach a basketball game last night.
After our Valentine's disaster and big time fail I have never been more thankful for this sweet reminder

“Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance”
1 Corinthians 13:7

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