Monday, February 25, 2013

Germs, Strike Again

We finally got Ryan back to work on Thursday and as soon as we did Georgia Kate came down with the absolute worst tummy bug ever. Hence the reason why I was absent from blogging and pretty much everything. Gk pretty much clung to me and we cuddled a lot. You can always tell when GK is feeling puny because she actually sits still for a little bit and cuddles and snoozes on me, actually I love all the cuddling and snoozing she does with me. I would let her do that every day, well minus the sickness.
 In between cuddles I was doing laundry, and I seriously lost count on how many loads I did on just Thursday, alone. Sweet Gk was miserable for several days and yesterday was the first good day since Thursday. Today has been even better, so I am so thankful she is on the mend and all of this as reminded how ready I am for Spring. I hope this week is healthy one for us all. We have lots on our agenda.... time to get back to it. ;)

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