Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Ty and Sawyer. Such sweet friends, most of the time. ;)

Sawyer, Jaydon, and Tyler. All we needed is Jerrod to make the picture complete. These are the boys that make up Tyler's class.

Today was field trip day for Tyler's class. I always loved going on field trips when I was in school and I think that love is still there since I always sign up to drive and be a chaperon.
Ty's friend, Sawyer got to ride with us so Tyler was so happy. Those two have a love hate relationship, but lately they have been the best of friends. ;)
The rodeo was great and very entertaining but maybe a little too long, or maybe if we did not have to sit for 45 minutes waiting for it to start it would have been a little better, but for the most part I think the kids had fun....even Georgia Kate did well. I think I started loosing Georgia Kate towards the end but half of the kids in Ty's school were in tears so she fit right in.
 I am sure that almost every school in Bell County was there, Ryan's school was there but we did not see them. It was packed. It was a long morning but we survived field trip day to the Rodeo. This school year is flying by.

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