Monday, February 25, 2013

Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy made its first visit to our house last week. On Wednesday afternoon Ty pulled out his tooth all by himself, and he was so proud of himself. I am still trying to get used to his new toothless smile.
The tooth fairy came and left Ty $5.00. WoW! What a nice tooth fairy we have. I wish I could still loose my teeth. ;) On Saturday I took Ty to Target so he could pick something out. There was not a lot to choose from, but we finally found a little box of Lego's... I mean little. We told him he could save it, but of course he wanted a new toy and did not want to wait.
One baby tooth gone. Our biggest is growing up too fast. Ty is already feeling around in his mouth for more loose teeth. None just yet, but I am sure it wont be long.


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