Monday, February 4, 2013

Hope Mommies Retreat

This is where I spent my weekend. Each room had a beautiful view and we all were assigned a room mate, but I was thankful mine was one of the ladies I picked up at the airport. We truly had the best time and talked until 2:00 am or later. :) 

One of the views from the house.

Jennifer, Katie, Me, Erin, and Monica.
We had some down time on Saturday afternoon, so we walked down by the water. 

Precious, Hope Babies

Table Centerpiece with my favorite initials.

On Saturday, We made Hope Boxes that will be taken to  area hospitals and giving to women who have babies that went to Heaven. What a wonderful ministry. So thankful Landry's Hope Box will be providing some much needed comfort to a Mom in need. I even included a note in my box. 

I am amazed at how overcome by emotions I am when looking through all the pictures from this past weekend. I will have to post in segments because I have too many pictures and just so much I want to share from this weekend.
This was my 2nd Hope Mommies retreat to attend and it felt so wonderful to be back and see the faces of the women that I held so dear during that first year. I was not able to attend last year for numerous reasons, but when I heard about the one for this year, I immediately told Ryan that I wanted to attend and he was so supportive and told me to get signed up. I also would not have been able to do this with out the support of my amazing parents. They kept Tyler and Georgia Kate all weekend, which helped Ryan focus on his dissertation.... I am sure that is not his idea of a nice quiet weekend, but he got a lot done.
I left Friday morning and made my way to San Antonio. I offered to pick up 3 ladies from the airport, which I loved because it gave me extra time with these women and I did not have to show up, alone. One of the ladies, was Mary Beth. I met her 2 years at the first retreat and I loved seeing her again.
We had a lot time before we could arrive at the Ranch so we had lunch and did some shopping. Over lunch we shared our stories with one another and when it came to shopping we were laughing just like we were the best of friends, and 2 of them I had never met....God is amazing!
The retreat was in Comfort at a beautiful ranch with breathtaking views. There were so many precious details that went to this weekend, and I especially loved all the special touches with our children. We were truly pampered and never went with out anything. We were constantly being fed the most amazing meals by the most amazing women who love Erin, the co founder and her ministry. They spent the weekend taking care of us and making us feel loved.
What a blessed weekend reflecting on the the most amazing little boy. I am so proud to be Landry's Mommy and it bring me absolute joy to share his legacy with others.

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Erin Cushman said...

Holly, I was so glad to see you this past weekend - I can only wish for more time! You are a beautiful Hope Mom and I am so thankful to know you, and see you walk in hope.