Sunday, February 10, 2013

In Training

Can you tell what is different about these pictures? No training wheels and a brand new ( well, new to us) bike. We have the most amazing neighbors, I simply adore our street and will have a hard time moving from our street if that time ever comes.
Anyway, we have new members that recently moved in across the street and they have 3 kids ranging from Middle School to Elementary. Tyler ADORES them, and they are always so sweet to him. He is like a stalker, and always watches their house just in case they come out. :) A few weeks ago they asked us if we would like on of their bikes that their kids had out grown, and it was perfect timing for us because we had been talking about taking Ty's training wheels of of his bike. The bike did need a little TLC so we took it to a local bike shop for a tune up. It is now as good as new and ready for new memories.

I think Ryan and I were both shocked the first time Tyler got on to ride it, because we did not have to hold on for long at all. I think for those that did not know that this was Ty's  first try with out trying wheels would have thought he was a seasoned rider.... well, except for turning and occasionally falling off when trying to get off. We are good at going straight. ;)  There are also some occasional tears but we are getting better by the day with lots of practice. The first time he hit our street we had neighbors come out and congratulate him on how well he is doing (LOVE our street). We are so proud of our new bike rider and no training wheels. Georgia Kate is all ready for her turn.... I don't think so. I see lots of walks in our future. Hopefully sooner than later.

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