Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rained Out

Mesmerized by the band and all the big kids performing.

We're Number 1

Friday was another home game so we got in to the team spirit early by attending the Pep Rally at the High School. It starts right after Tyler gets out of school so it is perfect timing for us and both Tyler and Georgia Kate love it.
The rain came in Thursday evening and it rained off and on all day and Friday. However, it cleared up late afternoon, so we thought we were in the clear for the football game. Well, the dark clouds came rolling in just as the game was apart to kick off. With only minutes in to the game the rain started falling and lightning filled the sky, which forced a rain delay. They asked all the fans to go wait in their cars, which was a good cue for me to take the kids home. The rain, lightning, and thunder lasted well in to the night which caused the game to be canceled and Ryan to come home a lot earlier.
The rain did bring some cooler temps which has been nice for the weekend. We have enjoyed a lot of time outside and I am currently listening to the sounds of Ryan mowing the yard/acre of land that we gained in our rent house. Thank goodness a riding lawn mower came with the rental. He seems like a pro at it already. Over all a good weekend. Now time to prepare for another week ahead.

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Shari said...

She looks so sweet in her Perfect Day Knot Dress. Love Matilda Jane!!