Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Favorite Views

I have not posted any pictures of our temporary house but I have learned to love our new views and surroundings. The home is on 2 acres of land, so we have a lot space. The front yard provides the most beautiful sunrise every morning. I sneak out there every morning when I send Ryan and Tyler off to have a few moments of quiet time and stand in awe of Gods beautiful creation.
We also gained a pond in the back, which has amazing sunsets and Ty and Gk think it fun, and they love running around all the space we gained from this rental. It is not the cleanest or clear looking pond but it is still something that we have never had before. We found a duck family swimming in there but we have not seen them in a few days. Ty and GK must have scared them off, or Cooper. Our dog loves all the space we have and loves to go for a swim from time to time.  We have heard there are in fish in there but we have not had the opportunity to grab a fishing pole and find out.
We still have a lot to learn about the area but we are thankful and blessed to have found a temporary place with lots of room outside to roam and explore. I will say, I always watch where I walk because you never know what you might find in lurking around. I have found a dead mouse and have seen two small snakes, small or big a snake is a snake and I'm not a fan. Of all the views my favorite is watching my favorite people playing and exploring all that the outdoors have to offer.       

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