Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Meet The Teacher

It is hard to believe that Tyler has been in Kindergarten since August 26!! Yes, this post is titled Meet The Teacher but this is what happens with a new job, first day of school, and moving. I will do a recap of the past few weeks to get you all caught up with the happenings of our family.
Ryan's fist day of work with Royal ISD was August 12. Since we did not have a place to live, Ryan was there for 2 weeks in a Hotel while I stayed behind in Temple with the kids. We did A LOT of swimming and packing. It was a long two weeks with out Ryan, but we all survived and it is wonderful to all be under one roof again.
On August 20 Ty's new school, Royal Early Childhood Center. It is a Pre-K - Kindergarten Campus. It is a beautiful campus and Tyler was so excited to start and he loved meeting his teacher, Mrs. Divin for the first time. Tyler has been so excited about this move and everything about it. He has truly jumped right in and has adapted beautifully. I could learn a lot these days from our biggest.  Georgia Kate has also adapted well with the move and she can't wait to start school, too. She fit right in at the Meet The Teacher, barefoot and all. 
I'm just thankful for this school district and the wonderful challenge and opportunity it will allow Ryan with. I am just so proud of him and I know he will do great things. It was extremely hard for Ryan to leave his Westphalia family, and it was even hard for me. That district and community was a absolute blessing to our family, and we will miss them dearly. I know that God is going to do wonderful things for our family here and I can't wait to see what is in store for us over the following weeks and months.  


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lvaught said...

Can't wait to see you this weekend and hear all about Tyler's first weeks of Kinder!!! We miss y'all!